Dr. Grim is always looking to find treatments to help out her patients.  One particular condition that has cropped up in our area in recent years that has been very frustrating to treat is gnat allergy skin disease. The horses get extremely itchy from this condition and can bite at themselves creating worse wounds.  Dr Grim has been working on a product that would create a barrier to keep gnats from biting along with essential oils that act as natural insect repellants in a base that promotes healing. She also wanted to develop a product that was not oily and messy or attract dirt.  She came up with a product called Skin Gellie.  This jelly like substance actually gets thicker as it warms on the horses skin, drying allowing it to be appoiled only every 2-3 days. Many of her clients have told her that it is the best thing available and their horses do amazing with this product.

Skin Gellie
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